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Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Services



 Musgrove Park Hospital is part of Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust and is the largest General Hospital in Somerset.

It serves a population of over 340,000 and provides oncology services for a population base of over 500,000, which includes patients from the catchment area of Yeovil District Hospital.

Musgrove Park aims to be a high quality hospital, providing excellent clinical services in an efficient, effective and constantly improving way.

The Teenage and Young Adults Cancer Service (also known as the TYA service) aims to provide support and guidance to all healthcare professionals, patients and their families in regard to patients aged 16 – 24 years who have cancer.

Clinics for the Teenage and Young Adult patients with cancer are held by the paediatric and adult consultants.

There is a Specialist Nurse in place at MPH who will remain in contact with you from the moment of your diagnosis and who will liaise with all of the team to ensure that your needs are met.

Teenage and Young Adult patients aged between 16 – 24 years who are diagnosed with cancer will have their care led by Clinical Oncologists and/or Haematologists, depending on their type of cancer.

Younger patients are treated by the Paediatric Oncology team and this care is shared between UH Bristol and Musgrove Park Hospital.

You are encouraged to ask everyone involved in your care questions about all aspects of your treatment and we appreciate feedback and comments from you regarding your stay. It is important to us that your opinions are heard.

We are working with the Teenage Cancer Trust to create special rooms that will allow us to offer young people a more relaxed area in which to receive treatment.


Current Facilities

All in-patient TYA cancer patients are treated on Ward 9, Beacon Ward or Oak Ward. TYA patients are always offered a single room with appropriate facilities. Space to accommodate a parent/carer is available for the TYA patients on Oak Ward, Ward 9 and Beacon Ward.

Day case chemotherapy is given on the Beacon Day unit or Oak Outpatients Unit. On Beacon Day Unit, TYA patients are always offered the option of having their treatment in one of three private rooms rather than in a shared bay. TYA patients have access to a private room on Oak Outpatients Unit. 


Paediatric Wards/Units

Younger TYA patients are seen on Oak ward, part of the Children’s Unit, which is situated in the old building section of MPH.

The Lead Paediatric Consultant is Dr Louise Newbury.  All of the team liaise with UH Bristol to ensure your treatment pathway follows national guidelines.


Patients aged 16 to 18

  • Patients within this age range will be given a choice as to which team (Paediatric or Adult) looks after them.  We will give you all the required information and support to allow you to make your own personnel decision.

Telephone Numbers:

Oak Ward 01823 342016
Consultants Office 01823 344116
CLIC Sargent Nurse Specialist 01823 332054
TYA Nurse Specialist 01823 342163


Adult Wards/Units for Patients aged 19 – 24 years

The Beacon Centre includes:

The aims of our service are as follows.

The department provides the following procedures/treatments:


Nurses working on these wards are experienced in caring for patients with cancer.

If you need to stay in hospital, your care will be given on the Beacon Ward.

Haematology inpatients go to the haematology ward, Ward 9, which is situated in the old building of Musgrove Park Hospital.

If you are aged 19 – 24 years, you are encouraged to choose where you receive treatment and will be directed to the NHS Choices Website to help you with this decision.


Telephone Numbers:

Beacon Ward Reception 01823 344202
Beacon day Unit 01823 342296
Ward 9 (haematology) 01823 342009
Reception (appointments) 01823 344200
TYA Specialist Nurse 01823 342163

Teenage and Young Adult Clinical Liaison Nurse (Lorraine Beddard) 07717325391

Inpatient facilities include televisions, phone and Wi-Fi access. Patients are encouraged to bring photographs and personal items during inpatient stays.

Plans are underway to decorate inpatient rooms on both Ward 9 and Oak Ward in a manner designed to be appealing to the TYA age range. These plans use ideas from patients and will be created in collaboration with the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Facilities for social and psychological support

Plans for the development of a Maggie’s Centre on the grounds of MPH are now progressing well and in the future this will provide a local facility for provision of psychological and social support for TYA patient and their families.

Currently TYA patients have access Counseling services in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

A cancer information Centre is situated in the Beacon Centre.  Here you can also access financial/benefit advice.

Complementary therapies such as Aromatherapy and Reflexology are currently provided for both in patients and out patients on Ward 9, Beacon Ward and Beacon Day Unit.  A wig and headwear service is available for inpatients and on Beacon Day Unit.

The Teenage and Young Adult Support Group meets 2 – 3 months for social events with patients from Somerset and Devon.


The Team

 A team of professionals, including your doctor, will discuss your care with our Principle Treatment Centre at Bristol and you and your parents / carer will be fully informed at each step of the way.  These discussions take place online weekly and are over and above the other meetings held at Musgrove Park Hospital to discuss your treatment pathway.

Your doctor will discuss all treatment with you and your parents/carer before it begins.  It is important that you fully understand about your illness and any side effects of treatments.  If you have any questions at all, please ask the doctors and nurses.

We will also give you written information about your illness and treatment and you will be asked to sign a consent form before treatment can begin.

Apart from your doctor, you will meet other members of staff who will be responsible for your care:

  • The Teenage and Young Adults (TYA) Specialist Nursewill liaise with all members of the multi-professional team caring for you to ensure that your care pathway is as seamless as possible whilst you are under the care of Musgrove Park Hospital.

 They will work closely with everyone you will meet during your stay and also with the Principle Treatment Centre at Bristol

  • Your Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS).  Where possible, we like to provide you with your own specialist nurse.  When one is not available, the TYA Specialist Nurse will take on this role

  • The Staff Nurses - All of our nurses on in the children’s and Adults cancer units are experienced in caring for people with cancer

  • Chemotherapy Nurses -These are nurses who are trained in giving chemotherapy.  If you need chemotherapy as part of your treatment, the nurse who will administer it will be happy to answer any questions you and your parents/carers may have regarding the treatment and /or any side effects.  We will also give you written information to read at your leisure

  • The Physiotherapists - Part of the physiotherapist role is to help patients maintain physical activity and function throughout all stages of their treatment.  They will also address any mobility problems you might have and will provide equipment if it is needed.  If you need referral to physiotherapy once you leave the hospital, they can arrange this

  • Occupational Therapist - The aim of the occupational therapist is to help you achieve the things you want or need to achieve for yourself, whether this is when you are in hospital or at home.  They are able to look at the physical and emotional effects of cancer and offer advice and assistance

  • CLIC SARGENT social worker - You will be offered referral to a social worker soon after your diagnosis.    The social worker has a wealth of experience regarding financial, educational, career and transport issues

  • Play Workers are available on the children’s unit for younger patients

  • Schooling - There is also a hospital education centre on the unit to enable younger patients to continue with education where possible and referrals to the Educational and Career Advocate from the Teenage Cancer Trust are made when applicable.  The Education and Career Advocate can also advise you regarding career and vocational matters for when your treatment has finished and you are looking to the future

  • Counselling - MPH Cancer Services can refer you and/or your parents/carer for emotional support if requested.  We appreciate that this is a difficult time for you and your parents/carer(s) and will do our best to support you in every way

  • Spiritual Support - We are able to provide this for you and/or your parents/carers during your stay if it is requested


Some of the TYA Team you may meet during your Treatment pathway



Belinda Austen


TYA Lead Clinician and Consultant Haematologist (TYALC)


 Lorraine Beddard


Teenage and Young Adults Nurse Specialist



Louise Newbury


Consultant Paediatric Oncologist

Andre Clinchant

Gill Terril


CLICSargent Paediatric Nurse Specialist

CLIC Sargent Nurse Specialist

 Angela Hicks

Haematology Clinical Nurse Specialist - Adult Service



Caren Attree


Sister Ward 9, and TYA nurse representative


Lorraine Beddard


Teenage and Young Adult Clinical Liaison Nurse


Suzie Holmes or Lin Snell


CLIC Sargent Social Worker


Babette Fuller



Directorate Manager, Haematology, Oncology & Palliative Care/ Lead Cancer Nurse



Elaine Farley


TYA MDT Coordinator


Sue Williams


Palliative Care


Sue Bentley




Wendy Hopper


 TYA Link Nurse


Simon Hewett-Avison


Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) Educational/Career Advocate