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Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Te: 01392 406570

The Royal Devon and Exeter (Wonford) Oncology and Haematology Centres are located within the hospital site at Barrack Road, Wonford, and Exeter, EX2 5DW.


It provides a comprehensive cancer service for a catchment population of approximately 402,000 (Exeter, East and Mid Devon).

In addition the team have the potential to see patients from South Devon (population 293,000) and from North Devon (population 141,000).

Clinics for the Teenage and Young Adult patients with cancer are held by the paediatric and adult consultants.

Teenage and Young Adult patients aged between 15 – 24 years who are diagnosed with cancer will have their care managed by Clinical Oncologists and/or Haematologists, depending on their type of cancer.

Younger patients are treated by the Paediatric team and this care is shared between UH Bristol and the RDE hospital.

You are encouraged to ask questions from the doctors and nurses about all aspects of your treatment and we appreciate feedback and comments from you regarding your stay. It is important to us that your opinions are heard.

Plans are underway to create age appropriate environments at the RDE for TYA patients.  These rooms, designed in collaboration with the Teenage Cancer Trust and our service users, will when completed, allow young people to receive treatments in TYA ‘friendly’ rooms that are more in keeping with their unique needs.

We want your stay with us to be as comfortable as possible.  However, if there is anything else we can help you with, please telephone on of the numbers listed below.

Important telephone Numbers:

Bramble Yellow - 01392 402679/78

Yarty ward -  01392 402882

Yarty Day Case - 01392 402853

Cherry brook  - 01392 4028887

Radiotherapy Department  - 01392402115

TYA Specialist Nurse - 07717 325391


Paediatric Services

The RDE is currently host to a level three Paediatric Oncology Shared Care Unit.  The team provides a diagnostic and treatment service for patients in Exeter, East and Mid Devon (catchment population 401,841), North Devon (catchment population 140,563) and Torbay (catchment population (293,438).

The RDE POSCU is associated with the Principle Treatment Centre (PTC) located at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust.

The RDE POSCU operates in accordance with the standards set out in the Manual of Cancer Services.

The children’s inpatient and outpatient units are based on Bramble Ward, situated on the ‘H’ template of the ground floor of the hospital.


Haematology (Adult)

Yarty Ward has 16 beds for inpatients, including 10 side rooms.  This is based on the ground floor ‘R’ template on the main hospital concourse.

Outpatients are seen in Yarty day Case Unit located next to the ward.



The adult oncology ward is Yeo ward.   There are 4 side rooms and 3 bays of  6 beds.

Yeo is located opposite Yarty ward on the main concourse.

Oncology outpatients are seen in Cherrybrook day case Unit (B template).

The radiotherapy building is situated in the Oncology Centre.  The oncology consultants are based here too.

All TYA patients are discussed at the weekly Multi-disciplinary online meeting with the PTC over and above the usual meetings held by the team treating you at the RDE.


Visiting Teenage and Young Adult Patients

Visitors are welcome at anytime but we do try to provide patients with protected meal times:

12:00 – 13:00

17:00 - 18:00

Inpatients are offered a single room where possible and arrangements can be made for a parent/partner to stay overnight if requested.

Parents/carers and other visitors are advised to telephone the wards first if they are suffering from colds/viruses as sometimes patients will have weak immune systems and we will need to protect you from ‘bugs’.

You will come across different members of staff caring for TYA patients – it’s not just about doctors!

The TYA Clinical Liaison Nurse will make sure you are introduced to the various members of the team who will be caring for you but as a guide:

The Lead Nurses, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Matrons wear dark blue uniforms, staff nurses wear royal blue uniforms and auxiliary staff and health care assistants wear light blue uniforms.

The housekeepers wear pale pink tops and the ward clerk a darker pink.

You will also meet the physiotherapists and occupational therapists who wear maroon uniforms.


The Team

A team of professionals, including your doctor, will discuss your care with our Principle Treatment Centre at Bristol and you and your parents / carer will be fully informed at each step of the way.

Your doctor will discuss all treatment with you and your parents/carer before it begins.  It is important that you fully understand about your illness and any side effects of treatments.  If you have any questions at all, please ask the doctors and nurses.

We will also give you written information about your illness and treatment and you will be asked to sign a consent form before treatment can begin.

Apart from your doctor, you will meet other members of staff who will be responsible for your care:

  • The TYA Clinical Liaison Nurse will liaise with all members of the multi-professional team caring for you to ensure that your care pathway is as seamless as possible whilst you are under the care of the RD & E.  They will work closely with everyone you will meet during your stay and also with the Principle Treatment Centre at Bristol

  • Your Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) - Where possible, we like to provide you with your own specialist nurse.  When one is not available, the TYA Specialist Nurse will take on this role

  • The ward nurses  - All of our nurses on Yarty, Yeo and Bramble Yellow wards are experienced in caring for people with cancer.

  • Chemotherapy Nurses -These are nurses who are trained in giving chemotherapy.  If you need chemotherapy as part of your treatment, the nurse who will administer it will be happy to answer any questions you and your parents/carers may have regarding the treatment and /or any side effects.  We will also give you written information to read at your leisure

  • The Physiotherapists - Part of the physiotherapist role is to help patients maintain physical activity and function throughout all stages of their treatment.  They will also address any mobility problems you might have and will provide equipment if it is needed.  If you need referral to physiotherapy once you leave the hospital, they can arrange this. The RD& E has pioneered the use of the WII console and games as part of the activity programme used and we have a dedicated coordinator for this, who will set things up

  • Occupational Therapist - The aim of the occupational therapist is to help you achieve the things you want or need to achieve for yourself, whether this is when you are in hospital or at home.  They are able to look at the physical and emotional effects of cancer and offer advice and assistance.  Art and craft materials can be provided for you too whilst you are in hospital and you will be introduced to the Arts Coordinator

  • CLIC SARGENT social worker - You will be offered referral to a social worker soon after your diagnosis.    The social worker has a wealth of experience regarding financial, educational, career and transport issues

  • Play Workers - are available on Bramble ward for younger patients.  There is also a hospital education centre on the unit to enable younger patients to continue with education where possible

  • Counselling -The RD & E Cancer Services can refer you and/or your parents/carer for emotional support if requested.  We appreciate that this is a difficult time for you and your parents/carer(s) and will do our best to support you in every way

  • Spiritual Support  We are able to provide this for you and/or your parents/carers during your stay if it is requested


Patients aged 16 – 18

Patients within this age range will be given a choice as to which team (Paediatric or Adult) looks after them.  We will give you all the require information and support to allow you to make your own personnel decision that suits you.

If you chose Paediatric then your care will be the same as if you were 15. If you choose Adult, it will be the same as the 18 years and above service as documented at the beginning of this section. 

Whatever option you choose, your care will be discussed with you and you will have access and support from our Teenage and Young Adult Specialist Team as detailed below.

 Our TYA Team:

Dr Ann Hong Consultant Oncologist & Lead Clinician  Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer
Dr Jackie Ruell Consultant Haematologist (Adults)
Dr Corinne Hayes Consultant Paediatric Oncologist
 Lorraine Beddard Nurse Specialist Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer
Alice Hawton MDT Coordinator Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer
Heather Rake ClIC Sargent Social Worker Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer
Simon Hewett-Avison Teenage cancer Trust Education & Advocacy Manager South West
Vicky Britton Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Co-ordinator for the South West


Key working relationships to promote seamless TYA care delivery:

  • TYA /Lead Clinician at the PTC

  • Lead Clinician/Lead Nurse for cancer Services at the RD&E

  • Site Specific TYA MDT Team and MDaT Team at PTC

  • TYA MDT Coordinator

  • All Clinical Staff at RD&E exposed to the care of a patents diagnosed with cancer between age of 15-24

  • Palliative care team

  • Discharge Coordinator

  • Allied Health Care Professionals involved in TYA Care delivery

  • TYA User Involvement Representative

  • Yarty Ward (Haematology) Inpatient and Outpatient Units

  • Yeo ward (Oncology)

  • Cherrybrook (Oncology and Chemotherapy day Unit)

  • Education /Play Facilitators for wards

  • CLIC Sargent Social Worker

  • Teenage cancer Trust Education/Career Advisor

  • Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Worker for PTC

  • Bramble Ward (paediatric)

  • Force Cancer Centre

  • Exeter Leukaemia Fund

  • South West Commissioning Group

  • TYA Services across the South West

  • Macmillan

  • Teenage Cancer Trust

  • CLIC Sargent

  • TYAC- Professionals caring for TYA

Care is provided through collaboration with primary, secondary and tertiary care including social services/psychological services, citizen advice bureaus and GP Practice.


Treatments and Services Offered

Before commencing any treatment, you will be given verbal and written information about treatments and side effects by your doctors and nurses so that you are fully informed.

The TYA cancer Services at RDE provide chemotherapy and radiotherapy, depending on your treatment pathway.  We also partake in various clinical trials.  Your doctor will be able to tell you more about trials available for your condition.

Sometimes, for certain cancers, your consultant may recommend that you receive treatment in a specialist hospital elsewhere in the country.

Force Cancer Centre

This is situated within the grounds of the hospital.  Here patients and their families and friends can access a wide range of support ranging from help with financial issues and complementary therapies to counselling.  Wig referrals can be made here and patients are able to participate in the ‘Look Good, Feel Good’ sessions.

Force Cancer Support can also provide literature about and referral to MacMillan cancer Support.

The Exeter Leukaemia Fund is based in the Haematology Reception.  Their generous funding helped build the Haematology Unit.


Lorraine Beddard