Youth Cancer Trust NHS

About Realshare

The Realshare website is a social network for young people with cancer, aged 16-25, who live in the South  West.

It has been created  by a group of professionals who deal with young people with cancer, along with some of those young people themselves.

The site is sponsored by the Youth Cancer Trust and supported by the groups below - the ASWCS NHS Cancer Network, MNINC and the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The website is now mobile responsive and can be viewed by any smart phone or tablet device.


The site includes:

Realtime – the social zone including My Shares and Forums

Forums – where members can share information, ask questions, or just chat with other people in a similar position to themselves. To facilitate discussions, for safety, and to ensure that members observe good Netiquette, they are moderated by a small number of trained staff

Information – things members might find useful such as a description of the site and who the moderators are, an introduction to the treatment centres in the region, where to find support, and in future, articles on subjects relevant to members such as treatments and dealing with symptoms

Useful Links - Other websites that members might find interesting or useful

Partners - organisations working with us and supporting realshare

Contact - to get in touch with the moderators or web support team

Terms of Use – things you need to know if you join and use realshare


Why realshare?

The South West is a geographically large area and so young people with cancer may receive treatment or live a long way from others in a similar situation. We hope that realshare will allow members to chat with others in an informal and safe environment to provide support to them during what might well be a difficult time. Members may be at different points in their treatment journey and have different diagnoses but they are likely to have insights and ideas that can help each other.  Although there are of course many other social networks realshare allows members to keep some of their thoughts and questions separate from their other friends and the wider community online.