Youth Cancer Trust NHS


Realshare is primarily a site for the young people who are members to engage with and use as they wish. Unlike other social networks however we hope to facilitate members to be fairly open about their condition, thoughts, and feelings. Members may be going through a difficult and vulnerable stage of their lives and so moderation with a light touch is there to make sure that conversations remain appropriate and the sensitivities and feelings of members are respected. Occasionally moderators might be able to step in with useful comments or guidance but on the whole the site is for its members and by its members.

The moderators are all trained staff who work with young people with cancer. Confidentiality is important and so conversations online will stay online, unless there are safety concerns or clear abuse of the sites Terms of Use.

If you have any concerns about posting on the site you can use the Report buttons below the forum posting you wish to report or you can email the moderators.